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What makes CEB-01 unique?

CEB-01 is the first local control system for soft tissue sarcoma (STS) whose safety, tolerability and efficacy have been demonstrated and validated in regulatory preclinical studies.

In addition, initial results from Phase I clinical development show that patients presented no toxicity or postoperative complications associated with CEB-01.

Lastly, we have our own GMP-graded machine for production, and both the production process and final product are GMP-certified.

There is no other product like CEB-01 on the market.

CEB-01 Phase I Clinical Trial

First clinical trial in humans (3+3, extension to 21 patients), to determine recommended doses and the safety and tolerance of PLGA CEB-01 membranes in patients with recurrent or locally advanced retroperitoneal STS after surgery.


5 are recurrences and 7 are new cases.


CEB-01 Phase I Clinical Trial