PhD, MBM, Chief Operations Officer

Luc Marti, PhD, MBM, has 27 years of experience in Pharmacology, 15 of which have been in drug development. He has obtained 7 authorisations for clinical trials in 3 different indications.

Before joining Cebiotex as Chief Operations Officer, he was VP Operations R&D in Artax Biopharma (MA, EEAA) developing a therapy for autoimmune diseases to clinical phase Ib. In 2005 he cofounded Genmedica Therapeutics, S.L., whose product, an antidiabetic, reached phase II.

Luc is Doctor in Cellular Pharmacology (Inserm, UPS, Toulouse) and holds a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Management (IE Business School, Madrid).

Luc Marti