Our technology

+Nanofiber engineering
The technology for producing nonwoven nanofiber membranes relies on an optimized electrospinning process. Cebiotex has created from scratch an innovative machine which solves the common problems associated to industrial production of nanofibers, especially the reliability and reproducibility of the production.
+Nanofibers as local delivery systems
Cebiotex has developed and characterized, in vitro and in vivo, preclinical nonwoven nanofiber membranes for the controlled release of active agents for the local treatment of unresectable tumors. The purpose of local delivery improves the safety and efficacy of the active agents. We assess the activity, toxicity and pharmacokinetics of our products in preclinical models. Our membranes are also suitable to be applied by topical application, for instance for cosmetic purposes.
+Competitive advantage
Cebiotex carries out the complete engineering of the production units as well as the pharmaceutical and preliminary medical test, thus notably improving the development time. Our inventions are protected by Cebiotex-