The philosophy of Cebiotex is working in partnership with the you to accomplish the expected goals of the project. We customize our research individually for each customer.

Cebiotex is dedicated to the development of electrospun nanofiber technologies and nanofiber products with application in the biomedical field.


Mission statement

Offer the market, the technology platform of the fabrics produced nanofibers. And the products derived from them.
Provide opportunities to the Company, which provides textile nanotechnology in the biomedical, pharma, cosmetic, medical, health, veterinary and diagnostic.
Develop, produce and market, directly or through our customers, new applications and uses of these fabrics.

Company profile

Cebiotex offers manufacturing technology and contract research in the field of drug delivery with electrospun nanofiber technology. Our young company evolves at the pace of our research and innovation efforts. We prioritize a strong intellectual property position. We seek for global, worldwide business oportunities.

Cebiotex is the first spin-off company created by the collaboration of researchers at prominent institutions such as Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, both in Barcelona (Spain). Our multidisciplinary team is made of experts in nanofiber engineering, preclinical pharmacology and drug delivery research.


Cebiotex was launched in 2012 by researchers in nanofiber engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and preclinical pharmacology and drug delivery at Hospital Sant Joan de Deu. Previously, 3 years of collaborative work enabled the development and preclinical characterization of innovative technologies and products for local drug delivery.